Life is difficult and some days are really hard to face and get through. In Psalm 37, verses 1-9, we are given some instructions on how we can face and handle all of which life throws at us. Take a minute to read and look other these verses and see 7 WAYS you can handle your 7 DAYS in his week ....


1. Daily decide not to get UPSET at people, about people and the problems they

    can cause us, verse 1

2.  Daily TRUST God and spend time with Him daily through His word and prayer,

    verse 3

3.  Daily LOOK for where God is working and what He is doing in you and for you,

    verse 4

4.  Daily COMMIT everything to God, verse 5. Please your problems and those difficult

    people in His hands. Release it all to Him!

5.  Daily PRAY about things, verse 7. Praying bring peace, calm spirit and assurance.

6.  Daily, decide not to be ANDRY about what you might be facing or going through,

    verse 8

 7. Daily, WAIT for God to give the answer of provide what you have need of, verse 9


Begin today to apply any one of these seven ways that will help you to handle any one of the seven days in your week. Keep a journal listing how you handled each day using these seven ways and the DAILY HOPE that you will receive looking to God. Have a GREAT week!