How has the new year of 2016 begun for you? Has it be a good one or have these first few weeks been filled with difficulty, uncertainty and days of asking questions and seeking direction. Have you already had moments when you find yourself say, this could be a hard year and already it’s too much to handle!

In Genesis 18 and verse 4 you have one question with a one word answer. The question is, “Is anything to hard for the LORD?” The obvious one word answer is, NO!

In this passage of scripture we have the great promise being given to Abraham that God will, in one year, allow Sarah to have a son. Even at Sarah’s age God is going to allow her to get pregnant. Wow ... what a promise to this couple. Just when they thought something was impossible, and laughed it off, God shows who He is and what He can do. He, through His promise is reminding them that He is Jehovah-Jireh, the God who can and will provide!

Had a difficult start to 2016? What is that seems to be “too hard” in your life today? Don’t give up. Don’t stop praying, believing and trusting God who finds nothing “too hard” to do for you. Don’t stop seeking Him, for if you do, you may miss the answer and being surprised by God. What you may be facing and going through could be preparing you for better days and His best ahead.

What is there in your life that you think is impossible to change, make better or get victory over? Could it be an attitude, a relationship or a habit. A illness, a financial struggle or hurt?  Write it down, pray it through and allow God to turn the impossible into a done deal!

Let me challenge you to repeat these six words with confidence ... NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR GOD. Repeat them, believe them and watch God work for you, in you, through you and around your life!

To God be the GLORY!




Philippians 1:21-27

Take a minute and focus again on verse 21, “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” There are four words in this verse that really characterize Paul’s life. LIVE, CHRIST, DIE, and GAIN, are words that he lived by. Just think about it, while he is in prison writing this, in the worst of conditions, Paul is saying for me, “to live” is all about Christ, having opportunities to serve Christ, being used by Christ and daily surrendering unto Him. The “gain” is to be with Christ and that is better yet! As we think about Paul’s statement and his passion for Christ, what about our lives today? For Paul, it was all about Christ and not about him. Not about his own plans, but the plans and purpose that Christ had for him. It was about loving Christ with all of his heart, about giving, serving, obeying, surrendering, speaking for Him, pleasing Him and committing every day of his life to Christ. It was about becoming all that Christ wanted him to be! Now, take a moment and look at that verse one more time. For to me, to live is ______. You fill in the blank!

These were four powerful words that characterized a life that made a difference for God. Who and what are you living for? Is it a job, payments, bills, to impress others? As a believer take some time to evaluate your life. Take some time to list the way you are living. Is the way you are living making the statement, “For me, living is Christ”?


LORD JESUS, grand me the grace and strength to live today in the light of eternity. Help me to keep my eyes on you, and the eternal prize --- unending life in your glorious presence.



Ephesians 1:3-14

What would it take for you to consider yourself a rich person? A big bank count, a new car, what about the freedom to do, go and be whatever you wanted? Or would it take someone buying you everything you ever wanted? 

The worlds standard of riches and God’s standard of being rich are two different things. The riches of God come from Him and they last. Those of th world lose their value and fade away. 

In verse three we read, “who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” This means that for the believer these “riches” have already happened. You are rich in being saved, forgiven and a part of God’s family. God has raised you out of that life you used to live, into a new life with Him. You are rich in His goodness, mercy, comfort, peace, joy, and hope. His provision, purpose, plan and place that He has for YOU makes you a “rich” person. Feeling wealthy now? You are in HIM!

Being in Christ, you are spiritually rich. Today thank Him for these “riches” that you have, that He is there for you today, tomorrow, and in the future. Today make a withdrawal and claim them throughout your day as you live for Christ in your daily walk. Father, thank you for giving me your Son, Jesus Christ, for forgiving me and saving me. Thank you for your word today that reminds me of how rich I am in you and that with these riches, I will never be bankrupt.