“Thy word is a lamb unto my feet and a light unto my path”

Psalm 119:105


The Summer months, vacations and traveling is behind us. But if there is still one more trip that is being planned, I’m sure you have already looked at a map, “googled” your destination or have entered it in your GPS for the best roads, the amount of miles and how long it will take you to get there. The writer David in Psalm 119 and verse 105 reminds us that God’s word will give us the directions we need and will guide us to His will and plan for our lives. It is God’s word that is our own Global Positioning System. In Psalm 37, verse 23 we read, The LORD  makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him.” The two words, “make firm” means that God has prescribed or ordered the very steps He has for us and the very direction, guidance and leading to get us there. We can get to the PLACEand be a part of the very PLAN that God has for us by LOOKING to God for His direction, TRUSTING God every step of the way and OBEYING God all the way. When God guides us, we are sure to get to where He wants us be and what He has for us. His destination for us becomes our opportunity to fulfill His will and plan for our lives.

Are you including God in where you want to go in life? Take some time today topray and seek God in mapping out the destination he has for you. Begin in His word which is God’s Positioning System, or GPS for you. Let this bring some DAILY HOPE to you today!