Exodus 14:5-14

In this scripture reading we see Moses and the children of Israel experiencing some tough times in the middle of the wilderness. The people were getting hungry, tired,  mad, discouraged and close to defeat. On top of all that, they had the Egyptian Army coming after them. Moses, seeing this, turned to God and called on Him for help. In verses 13 and 14 of our scripture reading , we see Moses addressing the people with great confidence in what he believed God could do. Moses said to the people .....

“Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD

will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.

The LORD will fight for you ...”

Wow ... what HOPE God had given Moses and that he was now giving to the Children of Israel. Whatever you are facing today, don’t give in. remember that God LOVES you, He AFFIRMS you, will STAND with you, PROVIDE for you and yes, will FIGHT for you. Take on the determination that Moses had, to “stand firm” and see the deliverance theLORD will bring.

What are you facing in your life that need the God to stand with you and to fight for you?  Remember that He loves you and will stand with you. That the battle is the LORD’S and that’s confidence you need and the DAILY HOPE you can have every day!

Father, bless the readers of DAILY HOPE today. You know what they are facing. Thank you for standing with them, loving them, pulling and fighting for them in the battles they are facing. Help them to trust you and to keep looking to you for what you can and will do in their lives. In Jesus name, Amen