I just returned from Brazil and right now the 2016 Olympic games are taking place inRio. Since the official start of the games with the lighting of the Olympic flame, there has been an excitement all throughout Brazil in hosting the games and showing the many athletes, spectators and the world who Brazil is and that having the games there was the right decision and best place to do so. It is Brazil’s time to shine!

“You are the salt of the earth ...”You are the Light of the World ....”

 Matthew 5:13 & 14

In every generation God seeks people and individuals who will be that salt and light, who will carry HIS torch, the torch of His testimony. A testimony of WHO He is and of WHAT He can do as seen in and through our lives as believers.

Today and throughout this week we need to carry the torch of God’s LOVE, His SALVATION, His GRACE, the JOY and the PEACE that we have in Him. With our lives being “salt” and “light” we need to show others WHO he is and WHAT He has done in us and for us, displaying what He can do for them.

Today and this week carry the torch of the very HOPE that you have in Christ. Share with someone the “good news” of Jesus Christ. Seek to meet a need in someones life, Pray with someone and look for ways that you and “make a difference” eternally in the life of a family member, friend, neighbor or that person you wok with. As we carry HIS torch we can impact our world around us and that is the DAILY HOPE that someone needs to see!

“Let your light so shine before men .....” - Matthew 5:16