“So whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever you do, do it to the glory of God”

1 Corinthians 10:31

The Apostle Pau is instructing an encouraging the believers in Corinth to put God first and to give Him the attention, the honor for all that is being done in their lives through Him.

The Olympics are over and congratulations to the US Team for the 121 medals won. The most at the 2016 Olympics. Congratulations also to the Brazil Men’s Soccer and Volleyball Teams for winning the gold. The first ever gold for the Men’s Soccer Team, which was a thrilling game against Germany with Brazil winning 5-4 in a shoot out. It was exciting to hear that three of the players on the Brazil Soccer Team are believers in Christ, one being their star player, Neymar Jr. He kicked in the winning shot during the shoot out to give Brazil its first ever Olympic Gold. Not only did he stand out in this game as the hero but he also stood up for God, proclaimed his faith in Jesus Christ as he wore a bandana that said “100% Jesus!”

We may not shoot in the winning goal but with our lives we can daily say and tell others who Jesus is and what he can do by what they see and hear in our lives.

This week let’s all who claim to know Christ, live in ways that show that it is 100% Jesus in all that we say and do. Giving Him the honor and Glory through our lives. After all we are WINNERS in Him and that’s Daily Hope that we can be thankful for!