Philippians 1:3-6

The book of Philippians is a letter that Paul wrote while he was in Prison awaiting freedom or execution. In Chapter one we see several things about Paul’s attitude and outlook while in Prison, but about him as a believing in Christ. Here in theseverses we see Paul as a THANKFUL believer, verse 3, a PRAYING believer, verse 4, a PARTNERING believer, verse 5 and a CONFIDENT believer in verse 6 believer in Christ

Being imprisoned would cause most of us to become angry, bitter, discouraged andat the point of giving up. Not Paul. He saw it as an opportunity to the share the “good news”  of Jesus Christ. This is why he was able to say later in chapter and verse 18, “And because of this I rejoice.” Paul was able to give thanks and praise for being in prison because he looked at it as an opportunity, a too, a place to serve Christ. These two little words, “of this” reveal Paul’s confidence Christ and His plan for his life.

How do others see you as a believer? What is the “in this” that you are facing and going through? Whatever it is, are you thankful? Are you praying about it and through it? Are you confident that because “of this” God is in control and that he know what He is doing? Think about this and take a moment to be thankful, to pray about it, to partner with God in what He wants to do and to be confident that He’s got this and is with you. The result will be the DAILY HOPE that you need throughout this week!