Is anything to hard for the LORD?”

Genesis 18:14


In this passage you have one question with a one word answer. The question is, “Is there anything to hard for the LORD?” The obvious answer is NO! Here in Genesis chapter 18 we have a great promise being given to Abraham that God will in one year, allow Sarah to have a child ... a son. Even at Sarah’s age God is going to allow Sarah to get pregnant. To this couple , just when they thought something was impossible, and laughed it off, God speaks and shows who He is and what He can do. He is Jehovah- Jireh, the God who can do the impossible and provide.

What is it that seems “too hard” in your life today? What is it in your life today that you think is impossible? That can’t change. Could it be an attitude, a relationship, a habit, your marriage, a situation at work? Write it down, pray it through and allow God to turn the impossible into a done deal!

As you write it down and begin praying about it, position yourself in trusting and believing God who finds nothing “too hard” to do for you. Keep seeking Him and don’t miss what He can do and wants to do in your life. Being praying this prayer below ....

Father today I give you those things that are too hard for me and that I feel like areimpossibilities. I know that all things are possible with you according to Luke 1 and verse 37, and I ask you to make the impossible, possible in my life because nothing is impossible with you, Father!

There is DAILY HOPE in praying, trusting and believing!