There was a man who was facing some serous medical issues. recently he went tothe doctor for a follow up visit and the doctor shared with him that everything looked normal. The man respondedwith, “Praise the Lord, it’s because of prayer” The doctor then commented by saying, “That’s the answer!”

Prayer truly is the answer. It is the very thing that we need to do and make a part of our daily lives. For everything we face, have need , and desire in our lives will come through prayer and praying.

         If you pray believing, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer

What a great promise we have from God here in Matthew 21:22 .That if we PRAY believing, evidenced by our faith in Him, within His TIME, PLAN and WILL for our lives we will receive the answer. In praying we must remember that,  anything and everything is POSSIBLE when God is called into the situation. Prayer is calling and inviting God do what only God can do. Ask yourself these questions .....

What do you need to pray for today? Are you calling and inviting God into your situation through prayer? As you prayer are you really believing that God can do what He promises to do? Prayer says’ “I’m going to make a move towards God and what I know He can do”, “... to those that seek Him ... Hebrews 11:6

Seek God, pray believing .... the answer will come! Now that’s some Daily Hope for this week.