“The LORD is good , a stronghold in the day of trouble, and HE

knows those that take refuge in Him”

 Nahum 1:7


Tucked in the last part of the Old Testament is the small book of Nahum who was a prophet, one who proclaimed God’s message to the people of his time.

Nahum was used by God to bring comfort and consolation to the people of Judah and to all who were fearful of what the Assyrians were doing to them and the city of Nineveh.

In the above verse we see Nahum reveals two things that developed his FAITH in and FOLLOWING God.

1.  He knew who God WAS. Notice what he said, “The LORD is good ......” And He is good. Good in His love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, caring, protecting, directing, and in all that he does for us.

2.  He trusted in what God could DO. In that same verse he says that God is, “.... a stronghold in the day of trouble ....” His “stronghold” of protecting us, being by our side and taking us by the hand and pulling us up out of very the trouble we are in.

When you know and daily remind yourself of WHO God is and TRUST what you KNOW He can do, your personal FAITH in God will grow and you will find yourself walking daily in His strength and power.

What is God using in your life to reveal more of WHO He is to you? What is He allowing you to face, go through that will POSITION you to trust what He can do?

Remember, in all that we FACE and will go through, we need to have FAITH and that our Father is our, “.... refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble ....” Psalm 46:1.

Now that’s some DAILY HOPE