“The LORD is near to all who call on him”
salm 145:18


Wow, I love the first four words of Psalm 145 and verse 18. These words, “... the LORD is near ...” is promise to us and in this promise we have His assurance that He is with us and that we can have access to Him at any moment.

As believers in Christ we have access to our Father, “For through him (Christ) we both have access in one spirit to the Father.”, Ephesians 2:18 .This access to the Father gives us peace in times of fear, security in difficult moments and a confidence that we need daily. We have no need to fear when we know that our Father is near!


Open God’s word today ... He is near. Spend some time in prayer today ... He is near and knows what we have need before we even ask, Matthew 6:8. And listen for His voiceof direction that he has for you as he desires to fulfill the purpose that he has for your life.

Today remember that, “... the LORD is near.” Now that is some DAILY HOPE for you!