1 Thessalonians 5:16

In the beautiful blue ridge mountains of North Carolina, motorcycle enthusiast of all kinds come to ride what is known as the DRAGON Run. The Dragon is eleven miles of highway with twists, turns, and curves that require major concentration. When a rider makes it through these eleven miles and has conquered this challenge, there is excitement and a feeling of rejoicing for every biker who can say, “I rode the Dragon!”

In 1 Thessalonians 5, Paul concludes his letter to the people of the church with some instruction, some key things to do in their daily lives. In verse 16, he states, “Rejoice always”. Paul is saying be joyful. This is not always easy as we sometimes face miles of people, problems and pressures that can lead us to complaining, being critical and feeling crushed. If we are not careful we can be robbed of our joy. When this happens our focus needs to be on God and what He has done and is doing in our lives. The result will be a PEACE that will lead to REJOICING.

Are you facing some problems today? Are there some issues with a person or some people that you have to deal with? Is there something you are facing or going through that is causing your life to be under pressure at this time? Give this all to the Lord. Let Him take them and help you through all of this. Giving it to Him can bring you joy again and the DAILY HOPE you need!

Father, I want to “rejoice” and be joyful again. Forgive me for looking at my problems, the people and the pressures instead of you. Today, in this moment I look to you and all of this over to you and desire to rejoice again in you.