A few years ago when I had my motorcycle, I enjoyed taking some short trips on the weekends, especially riding on country and back roads in Central Florida. It was fun and enjoyable, but can also be stressful as those who ride have to be alert to other drivers, vehicles, the road conditions, obstacles and animals. I learned when I rode to always stay focused, to stay visible and upright.


In Hebrews Chapter 13 and verses 1-6 we learn that as believers in Christ there are certain things that need to stay focused on, that we should not neglect to do in our daily living. The words, “Keep on…” are used by the writer to get our attention that there are some things that we need to do. The writer is encouraging us to show daily…


Love towards one another, verse 1

Hospitality, verse 2

Kindness, verse 3

Actions that are genuine, verse 4

A display of contentment in our lives, verse 5


Practicing these qualities in your life will show a real Jesus to others in your family, neighborhood, friends, and those with whom we work with.


With the promise in verse 6 of God always being with us, think of ways that you can show love, hospitality, kindness, actions that are genuine and sincere and a life that reveals contentment, peace and the daily hope that you have in Christ.


You just never know how God may use YOU to make a difference in someone’s life today!