PSALM 139;13-17 - PHILIPPIANS 2:13

The story is told that in 75 BC a young Roman nobleman names Julius Caesar was kidnapped by Pirates and held for ransom. When they demanded 20 Talents of silver on ransom (about $ 600,000 today), Caesar laughed and said the obviously had no idea who he was. He insisted they raise the ransom to 50 talents! Why? Because he believed he was worth far more than 20 talents.

Someone mentioned that, “our worth is not measured in term of monetary value by by what our heavenly Father has done on our behalf.”

How thankful we are for the worth and the value that God places on each of us. The very fact that He created us, loves us and has a purpose and a plan for our lives brings, great valve to who we are. He has saved us and redeemed us through giving us His Son to die on the Cross. What a price He paid for our lives and all that He wants to do with and through our lives. Today find some DAILY HOPE in who you are and in whose you are! To God be the GLORY!