Every day of our lives we face a variety of challenges, circumstances, conflicts and problems. Speaking of problems, the great football coach and now sports commentator Lou Holtz once said this about problem: “Don’t share your problem with people, 80% have them and the other 20% don’t care”  That may be true in the real world but in the world of the believer, there is someone who cares about the challenges you are facing, the circumstances your are going through as well as the conflicts and the problems you have encountered. It is the LORD and in Proverbs 3, verses 5 & 6 we are given some instruction in how we can conquer all of this. Here are three things we need to do ...

1.  We are to TRUST in the Lord,
         “Trust in the LORD .....”

2.  we are to TURN all of this over to the
          “And lean not on your own understanding”

3.  We are to THANK Him for allowing all of this. Yes, thank Him because it gives you and      opportunity to TURN and TRUST Him.
          “.... in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your path straight”

When facing all this, especially problems be reminded of this. that problems are not really problems but opportunities to TRUST the LORD. Give all of this stuff along withyour problems to the LORD. Place it all in His hands and give Him an opportunity to work it out for your GOOD and His GLORY! Now that’s some DAILY HOPE for today and every day this week!