Well a new year is upon us! As we close out 2015 and enter 2016. Hope for Brazil will be starting its fourth year of ministry. I am so excited to see what God has planned and what all He is going to accomplish in and through HFBM in 2016!

I praise God that in our first three years of ministry we have come to see 1,423 children, youth and adults make salvation decisions for Christ. There have been close to 400 rededications and 13 have been baptized in Christ. God has given us the opportunity to train close to 5,500 in Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Leadership Ministry. Over 27,000 tracts have been distributed in Brazil, and in the Eastern, Wester and Southern Caribbean as well as in Haiti.

As we move forward in the “assignment” that God has given us I have jotted down goals that we, as a ministry are praying about and seek to fulfill in this New Year. While the list of goals is long, the greatest goal that we have set and seek to fulfill is to bring GLORY TO GOD in all that we do. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 10, verse 31…

“So whether you eat or drink or whatsoever you do, do it for the Glory of God”

There is nothing greater than bringing GLORY to God in our daily lives, in our words and our actions, When God receives the GLORY, the credit, the focus, and the praise, He is honored. Others can see who HE is and what HE can do in and through our lives. Make this new year of 2016, a year to bring GLORY to God in everything. When we do we will see our prayers answered, have everything we need, and possess God’s peace and direction for our lives.

All of the New Year “resolutions”, “goals” ad “changes” you have set and want to see accomplished in 2016, should first and foremost be to BRING GLORY TO GOD. In doing so, you will find yourself DELIGTING IN HIM!

May the New Year of 2016 be filled with God’s Blessing and Best for you!